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Book placement is key for finding time to read.

I keep 2 books on my nightstand next to my bed. Depending on the mood I’m in, I might read one or another. One is usually about business. One is usually a well known book like The Great Gatsby or Brave New World. I also have a booklight on my nightstand because my wife has a strict “lights out at 10 pm” policy.

I usually keep 3 books on top of the toilet. (Should I be embarrassed about this?!) For some reason, these books are always much bigger. I think it’s because when I lay on my back, it’s harder for me to hold a book up for a long period of time. Currently, on my toilet I have John D. Rockefeller’s Biography, Code Complete, and The History of WW2 Europe by Tony Judt.

I keep 2 thin books in my book bag at all times. Right now it’s POODR by Sandi Metz and a book about Ghengis Khan.

I have the kindle app on my phone when I’m really in a bind. I always browse through SmartCuts by Shane Snow when I’m caught without a book (or I just finished one in my bag!).

Finding time to do anything isn’t always about self discipline. A lot of times, it’s about creating shortcuts to help you achieve your goals. One of the shortcuts I take for reading is having books in tons of places where I might get bored.

If I get bored on the toilet, if I get bored lying in bed, or if I get bored on the T, there’s always a book to read.

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