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I’m starting to understand what stress is.

I’m a very calm, laid back person, so stress doesn’t hit me too much.

But sometimes you feel stress. You feel it in your chest underneath your heart.

There’s a little bit of a tightness.

Your heart beats a little faster.

I can tell I’m stressed right now.

I have felt this twice in my life that I can remember.

Now and when my dad had a heart attack earlier this year.

I don’t think stress is related to brain functions, I think it is innate.

I am fully aware I have solid skills and will land a job soon.

I know I should not be stressed.

However, I cannot change the feeling in my chest right now.

Sometimes, it’s very easy to tell someone not to worry about something.

Very often, they will listen and are actually not worrying about that thing.

However, worrying about something and being stressed are two completely different animals.

You can’t control stress. It’s part of thinking without thinking like in Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

Stress is something that us subconscous.

I don’t think you can will your way to not be stressed.

I need to research more today.

Maybe there are some things I can do to alleviate this stress.

Drawing and meditation come to mind.

These are two activities I picked up over the last couple of months.

Since I am not typically stressed, I haven not used them as means of removing stress.

I’ll try them out later today and report back.

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