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3 months gone, and I’m 8 books into my goal of 26 for the year.

How do I find to read?

That’s simple – every morning, I have a goal to read at least 1 page of a book. It sounds trivial, but it’s a start. It gets you in a cadence. It creates a habit.

Soon, 1 page becomes 2. 2 becomes 3. 3 becomes 5 – and 5 becomes ten.

The goal is to read before looking at your phone. If my wife is already out of bed, that’s a signal that I should check the time after reading the first page.

If my wife’s still in bed when I get up, that’s my green light to keep reading if the mood strikes me.

The goal is always one. The goal is always something really small.

Some days, I’ll read 20 pages before you get out of bed. Other days, I’m lucky to read just one page and still get to work on time.

If you’re setting a daily goal, make sure you keep it small and develop a cadence.

For daily goals, the real point is to create a habit.

Hitting your small goal and keeping a routine will develop the habit.

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