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I originally didn’t want to write this because I don’t have any solutions or advice. I’m still not sure of the solution or the forces at work, I just know how I currently feel.

Today, after work, my todo list consisted of two things – sending two cold emails. I was able to send one, but I wasn’t able to send the other. What’s weird is that the one I was able to send was completely cold, whereas, the one I didn’t send was to someone I met before.

As some of you may know, I recently started a blog trying to decipher the black box that is sales organizations. I want to know how a small, medium, or large sized company sells. It’s a mystery to me. How do they determine who to call or send emails to? What do they use to send and track emails? How do they respond when the leads reply? How do they close the sale?

I’m a developer by trade, and a marketer in a past life, but I know almost nothing at sales. If there’s one part of startup life that I’ve been an absolute failure in, it’s sales.

Anyway, I’m not sure of what psychological forces were at work tonight, but I was only able to send one of those two emails. Sending a cold or warm email is a task that should take 5-10 minutes – maybe even less. It took me all night to send one out of two emails. I procrastinated. I read a book. I took a bath. I went back and fourth on fantasy football starters. I downloaded the newest episode of the Startup Podcast and listened to it.

I did everything possible except complete my goal for┬áthe night – sending two god damn emails.

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