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Crap or Gold?

Sturgeon’s Law says that 99% of everything is crap.

However, it’s hard to know the difference between crap and gold sometimes.

Writing about how not everyday is a writing day might not seem great to me, but it might change someone else’s life.

Maybe what I write seems like crap to me because I wrote it in 4 minutes.

Maybe what I wrote in four minutes¬†can shift someone’s perspective on what producing content really means.

Is less More?

When I started talking about the John D. Rockefeller podcast, I described it as a podcast intro.

The reason I described it as an “intro” is because I didn’t plan on it being any longer than 5 minutes.

However, why does that have to be just an intro?

Why does a podcast have to be longer than 5 minutes?

I think the shorter a podcast episode, the more likely it is to get listened by someone.

Something short and finished is better than something long and unfinished.

Do less. Publish it. Flex your finishing muscles.

Not Everyday is  Writing Day

I’m learning that not everyday is a day of writing. Writing and editing is a time intensive process.

Some days you have it… and some days you don’t.

Today, I got in a whirlwind of writing. I wrote two very long posts.

The downside is that I didn’t have enough time to edit them.

I also made some great progress on the curtact app I’m building.

The problem is, I’m not going to have time to edit those long, thought provoking posts I wrote earlier.

I’m looking up at the clock and it’s 10:06.

My wife expects me in bed at 10:00.

Today was not a writing day.

Not everyday is a writing day.

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