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While writing new year’s goals, I stumbled upon The Project Reddit Challenges.  These weekly “challenges” are designed to help you improve your life.  The goals vary from “do something you’ve never before in your entire life” to “carry a pen and a notepad with you everywhere you go for a week”.  Every lesson is designed you make you healthier, more outgoing, or attain another type of skill that you help make your life more fulfilling.

Setting goals is difficult.  There is an infinite number of goals.  Project Reddit is nice because it automatically reduces the number of goals an forces you to take an entire week to achieve each goal.  Goals need to be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  Project Reddit goals are inherently “smart” and this makes very likely you can complete each goal.

Make your life better, and start performing a Reddit challenge this week.  My plan is to perform two challenges each week in order to catch up to the challenges.  I’m completing the flossing challenge and the notebook carrying challenge this week.

What challenges will you complete first?

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