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I recently unfollowed over a hundred people on Twitter.  I did this originally to remove distractions from my life, but this did much more.

Targeted Twitter Unfollowing

It removed negative thoughts and reminders from my mind and replaced them with positive thoughts and reminders.  Instead of following 12 reporters constantly updating me on Philadelphia Eagles roster moves, I am not following inspirational people like @hnshah and Ramit Sethi.  Instead of hearing about training camp updates or scrutinizing athletes, I am hearing about what people are doing to have better A/B test results.  Instead of gazing and beautiful photos of exotic places around the Earth, I am consuming inspirational quotes and positive “change the world” type of energy.

This Also Helped me with exercise and weight loss

I read the Four Hour Body and Men’s Fitness magazine years ago.  I know a lot of the key ideologies and principles from both publications; however, there is something about frequently having something in your face that keeps you from ignoring it.  Keeping the 4 Hour Body on my table.  Glancing at Men’s Fitness magazines in my bathroom.  Having the Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss Challenge on my tv.  It doesn’t change my body of knowledge about nutrition, but it did cause me to think about it much more often.

Thinking about it more often forced me to deal with my weight and allowed me to take more proactive steps in dieting.  I was able to start working out daily and eating better.  I lost 20 pounds in the last three months.  

Fill Your Life With What You Want – Lose What You Don’t Need

If you want to improve on a certain area of your life – step one is to make sure the area you want to improve is in your face.  Do you want to increase your love life?  Force yourself into singles cruises.  Make sure your inbox is inundated with tips and quotes on how to find love.  Force meetings with people you think can help you find someone.  Pay for a dating coach.  Start working out.  Go join clubs and meetups to meet new people.  Is this a surefire way to success in dating?  No, but you won’t improve at dating if you’re not actively trying to and forcing yourself to improve.

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