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Writing posts for other entrepreneurs instead of their target market.

Almost everyone does it and I don’t understand why. The only reason you should write posts targeted towards the startup community is if your product is targeted towards entrepreneurs. If startups are the meat and potatoes of your target market, that’s great – you’re doing the right thing. However, if your target market is single moms or your target market is

I saw this post on the zero cater blog.  To Arram’s credit, this is the first post on the blog, and it’s much better than a typical hello world post with “hello world” in the body of the post, but this post is targeted specifically towards other startups.  It shows how you create a real world problem and can build a business from it.  I highly recommend this post for anyone who is starting or wants to start a company, but I wouldn’t recommend zero cater post similar stories in the future.

They need to post stories that either local caterers will be interested in or people who order food from caterers (executive assistants perhaps?).  I’m not sure what their content strategy is, but I hope it works out for them.  If you create bingo cards for teachers, post content for teachers.  If you sell software for commercial real estate, blog about problems commercial real estate companies face.  If you have a job postings website, post about resumes and job search.  Make sure your stories reflect what you do and attract people in your target audience.  If you’re not targeting the right audience with your content, your acquisition numbers will suffer and it may lead to you abandoning a promising project because you didn’t focus on the correct content in your blog.


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