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There hasn’t been many posts or many projects recenly at  Since becoming a full time Senior Web Developer at a Boston based financial company, I have been actively turning down freelance opportunities.

I was also busy getting married to my dream girl this past October.  Here’s the highlight video.

In the past year, I’ve taken opportunities at the financial company to earn my PMP and take a Data Science course at General Assembly.  I have been slowly learning R and Python for the data science class and other miscelanneous machine learning tasks.

I also started learning Laravel.  It’s a PHP framework that reminds me a lot of Rails. The biggest difference is that the naming conventions are not very clear.  The community is growing.  It’s nowhere near the size of the Rails community, but I think it can reach it at some point.  There are tons of PHP developers and they need a framework like this to rally around.

I’ve been working on a new fantasy football related off and on.  What’s been holding me up has been finding extra time and that I have been using Laravel as the framework.  Everything goes a little slower when you are applying new technologies to the project.

I wanted to start writing more.  Ideas come to me from time to time.  Over time, I learned that if I don’t write them down, I eventually forget them.  I want to  use this blog to write more of my ideas: the smart ones, the dumb ones, and everything in between.

Expect more frequent posts in the future.


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