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I write down about a dozen notes or ideas every day in a moleskin notebook. It’s about the size of a passport and I keep it in my back pocket.

Today, I lost that notebook.

Days, weeks, and months worth of notes and ideas – gone. If you write something on paper, it only lives on that piece of paper. That piece of paper does not last.

Putting your thoughts and ideas into a blog is different. Once you publish an idea on the internet, it can last forever. You never know if an idea will pop into your head more than once. If an idea is only in a notebook, and that notebook goes missing, that idea is gone forever.

This is the main reason I want my ideas on the internet instead of that notebook.

When I returned home this evening, I found that notebook. It was in the pocket of another pair of pants. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I knew I needed to change the way I did things moving forward.

Blogging also exposes your ideas to the world. People can judge you and your ideas. Instead of the comfy world inside my pocket, my ideas will now live in a world of judgment. Although it’s scary, it’s better for their development and refinement.

I’m still nervous about my writing. These first few posts might be terrible. I may not even share them on Twitter. But, it’s important that I keep writing.

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