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In a recent episode of Unthinkable, Jay Acunzo and Andrew Davis have a conversation about the show’s evolution. Jay mentions that he has an “aspirational anchor” – that he wants to become the Anthony Bourdain of the business content world. During the call, they discuss how they could make the next episode more Anthony Bourdain-like. […]


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I never realized how difficult content marketing really is.  I have seen people like Nathan Barry, Hiten Shah, and others build followings and assumed it was a piece of cake. I kept that assumption until I decided to start blogging again and I realized how difficult it really is to build traffic and create a following. […]


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If you don’t know who Nathan Barry is, you should.  He’s a great designer, and he wrote Authority, Designing Web Applications, and The App Design Handbook.   He’s also the founder of a startup called Convertkit.  I highly encourage you to follow Nathan on Twitter and sign up for his newsletter.  If you have plans […]


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