Minimum Viable Products and other schtuff

The concierge mvp is an interesting concept because the lean startup method is all about eliminating waste and the concierge mvp seems wasteful from a distance.  To a software developer, it doesn’t make sense to manually perform a task when you can get a software program to do it for you.


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Curing diseases is in many ways, very similar to running a startup company.  You define a clear problem.  You hypothesize ways of solving the problem.  You implement your hypotheses in a controlled environment.  You examine the results. Much like startups, if a surgeon is lucky, he can follow a colleague’s surgery and examine the results […]


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There has been a lot of confusion with the terms minimum viable product and what I consider minimum viable tests. The minimum viable product is a term that is based off of the “minimum feature set” that Steve Blank often refers to.  Although Steve refers to these terms interchangeably, the minimum feature set is the […]


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