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If you’re new to ruby, you’ll occasionally come across ampersands (&) and asterisks (*) in methods. I was confused by this at first. I learned what they mean after a little digging.  In the examples I use below ——> means “returns” – as in, whatever is typed in front of ——> will return what is typed to […]


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I’ve had a craftsman awakening over the last few weeks. After reading So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Quitter, Deep Work, and Extreme Ownership, I realized the only way I’m going to accomplish my goals is by focusing on my craft and that getting better is my responsibility and no one else’s. Here’s my current […]


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If you are new to Ruby on Rails and you recently launched your first application on Heroku, you may be puzzled by how slowly your website loads at times.  Heroku has a built in power up/power down mechanism that automatically powers down your application if no one visits your website over a 5-15 minute period of […]


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