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I am searching for a business idea and it is difficult.  Over the past few months, I toiled over the search for an idea and made no progress in starting a new company.  Paul Graham’s post about startup ideas showed me that I was going about the process entirely wrong.  I was searching for a business […]


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Marc Andreessen predicts that the next wave for successful startups are startups that take over for existing incumbent businesses.  Uber is “Software eats Taxis”. is “Software eats Home Furnishings”.  What industries come to mind that haven’t changed in a long time?  What industries are you involved in?  If you’re looking for a startup idea, […]


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Public support forums make it very easy to locate problems with existing products. The easiest way to start a company is to find an existing company, niche out a specific underserved user segment, and build a product specifically for them. The easiest way to find an underserved segment is to locate an industry that interests […]


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