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After my last post, I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to proofread these first twenty posts. It’s my firm belief that no one is going to ever read them.

If they do, I will hire my girlfriend to proofread and let me know how often I misspell “the” as “teh”.

As a recovering perfectionist, I am completely fine with the occasional “teh” in this blog… for now. As long as people aren’t all over me like Chris Dixon, I don’t think it matters, but there is definitely a sense of “nitpicking” in our tech society these days.

For every insightful piece of wisdom I read, there are fifteen comments that point out grammar mistakes or offer a counterpoint. Counterpoints are great, but nuggets of wisdom and true discussion are often lost when we focus on trivial arguments like grammar and syntax issues.

If you want to point out in the comments that I can’t spell – I don’t care. If you want to point out that the first 20 posts really should be proofread, I honestly don’t care about that either.

If you want to start an honest discussion about “birthing a project” and how the first parts should be born and cultivated to create a thing of beauty for the benefit of mankind or at least a small niche market, I’d be interested in talking.

You know how to reach me – rcavezza & gmail[dot]com

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