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No Sleep

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I’m not sure if it was related to this work situation.

The lack of sleep didn’t affect my day today.

Side Project

I worked on a side project building a chrome extension and backend API in rails.

I think I’m getting close to a launchable beta.

My goal is to have it released by Wednesday.

Phone Calls and Meetings

Besides that, I spent more time booking meetings and phone calls with recruiters and startups in the Boston area.

So many people reached out over the last couple of days – it has been overwhelming and heartwarming.

The rest of the day was spent updating my LinkedIn profile and studying potential gaps in my knowledge of engineering.

Cracking the Coding Interview

I have this book called Cracking The Coding Interview.

If you know me or read this blog regularly, you know I buy a book every time it looks interesting.

I bought this book about a year ago and never opened it until yesterday.

There’s a lot of good material in there.

For example, not having a Comp Sci. background, I wasn’t very familiar with the concept of BigO notation (although I’ve seen its effects in code many times).

There’s a few other concepts in the book that I’ve seen, but don’t know well because they don’t come up in everyday work as a web developer.

Getting Drinks At Wink and Nod

I went with Lara to meet friends at Wink and Nod for drinks tonight.

Rittenhouse Whiskey Old Fashioned w/ citrus/orange bitters (no angostura for me!). (hat tip to anyone who watches Timeless).


I’m looking forward to a Sunday filled with chrome extensions and Rails APIs.

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