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I recently made a decision – I’m taking my talents to Fort Point to join the CoachUp team!

Bob Cavezza joined CoachUp

Four years ago, I worked on a web application with Jordan Fliegel, Arian Radmand, and Gabe Durazo. This web application was After I left the company, Jordan, Arian, and Gabe imposed their will on the startup world.  They raised millions of dollars and built a 30 person team.

I ran into Arian a few weeks ago. I mentioned I was looking for something new. After some discussion, Arian asked, “why not come back to CoachUp?” That set the wheels in motion.

It was something that I never considered. After some time to think, I thought it was a great idea! I met with Gabe and Arian a few days later. We discussed what we’ve all been doing over the last few years. After some talking and an interview, we all decided I would be a good fit on their development team.

I’m excited for this next chapter of my career!

Why Coachup?

Great Team – I love Jordan, Arian and Gabe. They’re awesome guys that I had a fun time working with when I was originally at CoachUp. During the interview process, I met three developers on the team. They all really know their stuff and I’m excited to learn from these great folks.


Solid Technology – If you follow my blog, you know I was looking for a position that used newer technologies. Ruby, Rails, and react.js were at the top of my list. CoachUp uses all of these technologies in their code stack.

Company Culture – I randomly met other folks on the team. Everyone is really outgoing and fun to be around. There’s biweekly team lunches and other team building events. There’s also another element to the culture at CoachUp that I can’t put into worlds. This video explains better than I ever could:

Filling a Real Need – Four years ago, there was very little a parent could do to find a private sports coach for their child. You needed connections or luck to find a good private sports coach. Now, you have choices. There are thousands of coaches on CoachUp all over the country.  CoachUp has made it easy to help take you or your child to the next level.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Stephen Curry talk about why CoachUp is awesome.


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