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A few weeks ago, I found this website:

It is a structured curriculum for someone who has been writing code, but never learned the fundamentals of Computer Science – someone like me! It has approximately 8 main topics you should learn, a preferred order you should learn them.

For each topic, it recommends the best online video course to take and the best textbook to buy.

I bought 4 books on there and started watching video lectures the day I found it.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using these courses as a rubric to help strengthen my weaknesses.

I took Brian Harvey’s SICP Class (61a at Berkley).

I’m currently going through Steven Skiena’s Introduction To Algorithms course and taking the “Nand2Tetris” coursera course.

This resource has been amazing. I highly recommend it to any hacker who wishes they got a CS degree.

I wish I took some of these courses 10 years ago in College. Sigh. Better late than never.

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