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I want to share more of my work and my thoughts with the world. My goal is to share something everyday. Some days it will be longer. Some days it will be shorter.

I first read about this idea 2 days ago in Austin Kleon‘s Show Your Work. And earlier today I learned that Jay Acunzo was already doing this in his Youtube Channel.

Today – I’m trying it out. Here are some random thoughts and things I’m working on.


I want to create a checklist of things to do after work each day. Things to push my side projects forward. I read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and the use of checklists has been really good in helping change my habits. I’ve been reading and writing more. I want to use checklists more often to push forward my side hustle goals.


I started reading Zealot by Reza Aslan a few days ago. It’s very interesting thus far. To summarize what I think the book will be about, and to paraphrase parts of the introduction, the book is about Jesus of Nazareth, the historical figure, not Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Popular Figures

What is very interesting to me is hearing things historical figures thought and said about monotheism at the time. I think these are ideas that are not parallel with a lot of views we have today, so that is why some of these phrases aren’t as widely distributed.

For example, Cicero considered the idea of monotheism as “barbarian superstitions”. I’ve never heard of that before. When I was little, I thought it was funny how the idea of many gods in Roman/Greek traditions was always called mythology instead of a religion.

Many defeated peoples in the Roman empire were not able to continue a lot of their traditions. This was different for the Jews, even though they had a very small piece of land that, on a world scale, did not seem to mean much to the Roman powers. Seneca, among others, wondered how “it had possible come to pass in Jerusalem that ‘the vanquished have given laws to the victors.'”


In popular culture, I’ve heard many people in the last year talk about how Islam is a brutal religion at its core. In a few passages of chapter 1 in Zealot, Judaism seems like a pretty brutal religion. I don’t want to type it all out right now, but go checkout Deuteronomy 20:17-18 or Joshua 10:28-42 if you want to read specific passages.

Future Post

I want to post a list of all books I plan to read in 2017. I’m reading a lot of older books. I have a theory that books that stand the test of time are more likely to be good reads than recent releases. I wonder if others agree. I think I first heard of this from David Cancel.

Another Future Post

Watch what companies do, not what companies say. This is something intriguing to me. Hubspot was known for Inbound and not many people know about the Outbound stuff they do. They’ve been so good at this, that people now think sending outbound emails is against the law. One thing I admire and want to talk about is how good Drift is at sending handwritten notes. I think this is one aspect that is/will be key to their success. More companies should replicate that.

Inflammation in my ring finger

I jammed my ring finger a few months ago. It’s still inflamed.  I try to put tiger balm on it, ice it, and take salt baths, but nothing. Maybe there’s a weird Tim Ferriss diet that can help.

Does This Tweet Sound Weird?

This guy’s pinned tweet sounds weird to me. I can’t put my finger on it .

Seemed like weird wording to me. How do you earn a conversation with someone. What does that even mean. Maybe I’m naive, but I think of people as people and randomly talking or getting introduced. Earning a conversation just sounds weird.

Conspiracy Theory

I met two people in the last two days and buying a lot of books recently came up in casual conversation. What spawned this book buying spree amongst all three of us? Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Almost every chapter recommends a book or two. The book has 60+ chapters! Conspiracy Theory: Tools of Titans was heavily funded by print book PR companies. (Not real – just a joke)

Almost Late Tonight

I went to an event tonight where Jay Acunzo spoke – B2B Can Be Exciting, it was down the street from my house. I was almost late because I was reading Zealot and lost track of time.


I took notes of the event tonight. Here’s a photo. I didn’t want to take time to type them out.


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