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If you aren’t familiar with Pulp Fiction, Harvey Keitel makes a cameo  appearance as The Wolf.  The Wolf is a consultant that solves problems.  The perfect founder of any company embodies the qualities of The Wolf.  If you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction, make sure you watch the video at the end of the post for better understanding.

Have a Clear Mission Mission – What do You Do?

The Wolf’s mission is clear, he solves problems.  Marcellus knows the Wolf’s role in any project.  He’s the ideal contractor.  He has a three word mission and people automatically feel better when they know he will be involved in a project.  Look at how Samuel L. Jackson’s face lights up when he hears the Wolf is coming.  He automatically feels a level of comfort and that the situation will be okay at that point.  Your mission should be this clear.  Your goal should be to make customers feel as comfortable as Samuel L. Jackson.

Assess the Situation and Understand Key Objectives

The Wolf understands the most important factors of the situation.  Cleaning the visual elements of the car, masking the odors, checking the car for problems, and cleaning Jules and Vincent are crucial in accomplishing the goal.  The Wolf knows the situation, knows what needs to happen, and makes sure the bases are covered on the four key objectives.  The task at hand becomes much more manageable when you break it down into these key objectives.Picture of The Wolf From Pulp Fiction - He Solves Problems

Thorough Understanding of Potential Pitfalls

A thorough understanding of things that can go wrong helps ensure success.  The Wolf knows the worst possible scenario is getting pulled over.  He diligently asks the men if there’s anything wrong with the car.  Once he gets an answer, he isn’t satisfied and considers car problems the guys may have overlooked.  If you ask if there’s anything wrong with a car, few people may not mention a broken tail light – a broken tail light is a typical reason a cop would pull someone over and its crucial to their mission that no tail light is broken.

Know How To Communicate With Your Audience

The Wolf understands his two audiences, Vincent And Jules (the gangsters) and Jimmy (the home owner) are his two main audience segments and The Wolf speaks to them accordingly.  The Wolf is always extremely polite and mannerly with Jimmy.  He says please, he says thank you, and he acknowledges a good cup of coffee.  At the same time, Jimmy is not as courteous with Jules and Vincent.  Talking to the gangsters, he curses much more frequently, he isn’t nearly as courteous, and doesn’t say please and thank you as much.  Pay attention to the tone and frequency with how he speaks to the two segments.  He uses very distinct speaking voices when speaking to the two segments.

Understand your Environment

The Wolf understands  his environment and what he’s likely to find to achieve the goal.  He realizes there’s a very good possibility he will find linens and cleaning supplies since the house looks “domesticated”.  Not only does The Wolf make use of supplies, but he also makes use of the hose in the backyard as a quick way to clean off the gangster’s outfits.

Keep Your Cool

Remaining calm and thoroughly thinking through the situation is the most important part of the problem solving process.  The Wolf takes his time to think of the solution and goes to great lengths to appear calm.  He intentionally asks Jimmy to make him a cup of coffee.  He intentionally brings the men back into the kitchen to discuss next steps.  He could have discussed next steps in the garage in order to save precious seconds, but instead he asks the men back into the kitchen.  Going to great lengths to remain calm helps show other members of your team that there’s nothing to worry about.  If people think there’s nothing to worry about, they will remain calm and diligently get the job done.

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The Wolf From Pulp Fiction

This post was inspired by a tweet from Sean Lindsay

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  1. Andrew Wells says:

    I hope you haven’t given up on your blogging project. I was getting a lot of inspiration from it. Best. Andrew

  2. Arzu says:

    Road_tama Октябрь 29, 2012 3:15 м. Мой любимый персонаж вне Sterek? Ммм … is hard to choose… I LOVE EVERYONE!! >. he has a lot of ssnedas and guilty inside (he blames for his mother’s dead for some reason) but he tries to hide it because he don’t want to be a lack to the pack. YAY! AND I LOVE HIS JEEP! Хорошо, I love Peter!! He’s simply hirarious in some kind of creeper mode… He’s the villain you don’t want to like but you can’t help to love him. I think he’s sexy (evil is sexy) and very intelligent, you never know what to expect from him –> he has a quick return to Derek’s pack, so suspicious… Дерек. That man carries a lot of pain inside of him, blaming himself for something it was not his fault. When he becomes and Alpha, he picked teens with problems and he say it is because they need them to say “yes”, but under this coldness mask he wears, there is a good heart and somehow, he identificated himself with Erica, Isaac and Boyd. He tries to do the right thing, but he is inexperience and much times he doesn’t know what to do. Да, he’s a creeper stalker, but it’s part of his charm.Coach Finstock. THIS GUY IS SIMPLY HILARIOUS!! He’s crazy and he has protagonized some of the most FUNNY moments on the show. And his hate to the misterious Greenberg. Давай! Who doesn’t love him?Sheriff Stilinski. I love his overprotectiveness to his only child and I admire his strenght to raise by himself Stiles, trying to hold on and not fall into the pain of losing his beloved wife. He loves his child over all the things and Stiles and him have protagonized some of the most hilarious moments of Teen Wolf. The scene out of the Gay Club totally killed me ^o^Danny. He’s a lovely boy and a great friend to Jackson even when he’s a completely douchebag. SO SWEET! I hope in season 3 appears more.Chris Argent. I love how he tries to protect his family but trying not to kill indiscriminately, following the Code over all the things. He’s short of a creeper, but who in this show isn’t? The death of his wife (She scared the shit out of me… she was like Cruella de Vill…) but he overpowered the pain and go on for his family. He’s one of the stronguest people on the show.Lydia, Allison and Erica. COME ON! THEY ARE BADASS!! Lydia, the intelligent girl who hides under her beauty and is capable of sacrifice herself among her love (Jackson). Allison, developing to become a great hunter and deals with her darkest side because of her mother’s death. And Erica, the only werewolf girl, who becomes from a sad and shy girl to a strong and confidence girl. They can kick your ass without much effort!Scott… Isaac… Boyd… Jackson… Melissa McCall… Matt (хорошо, he was a psycho, but he has his charm… and he was a Sterek-shipper)… There is a lot of amazing characters in this show and I wouldn’t have enough space to write (or words to express, english is not my mother language) what I like about ALL of them. And yes, I love Sterek, but I’m not seeing the show only for this pairing (this would be totally dumb).

  3. Ne pažeidimas! chi chiAš taip pat sau prisakiau nevalgyti pyragų, tortų ir į juos panašių, bet vienas mano iš pusrytinių sumuštinių yra batonas+sviestas+slyvų džemas Ne pyragas juk

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  6. Shouldn't it be considered spoileresque to discuss content that Mark hasn't read yet? I mean I know you're not saying "oh, this person dies and the trilogy ends this way" but still.

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